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Getting ready for the bird flu

Tomorrow big vaccine makers are headed to the White House to discuss the bird flu; Congress has set aside $4 billion to prepare. But will pharmecuetical companies need more? Helen Palmer reports from the Health Desk at WGBH.

Smokey influence

Despite setbacks, Big Tobacco continues to be a major player in Washington — the only thing that's changed is its tactics. Helen Palmer reports.

Taking a bite out of the budget

Federal departments are proposing budget cuts to make Hurricane Katrina ends meet. The Senate Agriculture committee's is thinking cutting food stamps will lop $3 billion off its budget; Helen Palmer reports.

Assisted suicide: from Oregon to the Supreme Court

Oregon's assisted suicide law is coming before the Supreme Court this session. Helen Palmer looks at who in Oregon has been asking for the procedure and who has been providing it.
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Shoot 'em up — with penicillin

Educators are turning to video games to teach adults as well as kids. Academics and game designers see particular promise in games to teach healthcare, as Helen Palmer discovers.

New hospital commitment: save lives

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement hopes to save 100,000 lives in the next 18 months by improving hospital care. As Helen Palmer reports, this might also help hospitals increase their bottom lines.


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