Gregory Warner is a senior reporter for Marketplace, covering the business and economics of health care for the entire Marketplace portfolio. He’s taken on questions as varied as how drugs get named, how ineffective procedures become popular, and how politicians fuel a costly medical arms race.

Warner started at Marketplace in November of 2009. Previously, he freelanced radio stories from conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and DR Congo. Before becoming a radio reporter, he lived in New York working as an investigator of police brutality and a jazz pianist in a piano bar.

Warner’s favorite interviews are ones where he takes a journey with people. Recent examples include jogging with a homeless persons’ running club in Philadelphia, enduring ‘empathy training’ with call center reps in Ky., and undergoing fear-based alcoholism treatment in Moscow.

Warner holds a degree in English from Yale. In 2009, he was awarded Best News Feature from the Third Coast International Audio Festival for a Marketplace and Homelands Productions profile of a Congolese miner. He also has two Edward R. Murrow awards and awards from Associated Press, Sigma Delta Chi (from the Society for Professional Journalists), New York Festivals and PRNDI.

Warner was born in New York and currently resides in Philadelphia. In his free time, he enjoys biking, Werner Herzog films, and making up songs for his 8-month-old son.


Features by Gregory Warner

Medicare on the table

Cuts really could be coming, and the nation will be forced to have the tough conversation it has avoided for years.
Posted In: Health

Doctors take chances with their health

A Duke University study finds doctors often choose riskier treatments for themselves than for their patients.
Posted In: Health

Toyota resumes operations at half capacity

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan put the breaks on car production because of a parts shortage. Now, Toyota and Nissan have announced they will resume production in the coming weeks.
Posted In: Auto

Mall vacancies hit 11 year high

Retail sales are up, but fewer people are going to the mall. Storefront vacancies in malls and strip malls have climbed over 9 percent.
Posted In: Retail

Furloughs loom for 'non-essential' workers

As the government faces a potential shutdown, some federal employees could face days or even weeks without pay.
Posted In: Jobs

Possible government shutdown threatens Tax Day, foreign aid

As the clock winds down on negotiations to avoid a government shutdown, agencies like the IRS and programs that provide foreign aid wait to see how a shutdown would affect operations.

Pandora reveals investigation into smartphone apps

The Internet radio company says it has received a subpoena as part of a federal investigation into the private information that is gathered and shared by smartphone applications.
Posted In: Internet

Ryan's Medicare plan could hit senior wallets

Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan's Medicare overhaul could trim $5 trillion from the federal budget. But it would also raise insurance premiums for senior citizens.
Posted In: Health

Southwest inspects fleet after Friday's incident

Southwest pilots had to perform an emergency landing Friday due to a tear in the body of a plane. Now Southwest Airlines is conducting a review of its fleet of 737-300 jets.
Posted In: Airlines

Obama announces re-election campaign

In his announcement video and email, President Barack Obama kicks off a fundraising effort some have predicted will be the first billion-dollar campaign.


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