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Learn from immigrants... and test your knowledge

There's a lot Americans can learn from immigrants to the U.S. That includes good personal finance behavior. Plus, test your knowledge about immigration with our quiz.
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How much would you spend for a taste of home?

Foreign-born folks talk about the meals they miss most from their native cuisine.
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Atlanta real estate: Peachy keen or sour grapes?

The weather is hot in Atlanta, but is the housing market?
Posted In: Housing, Atlanta, Georgia

Letters: Can I deduct a lost diamond bracelet on my taxes?

Certified financial planner Louis Barajas talks taxes and immigration with callers who have questions about filing their returns this year.
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A warning about the price of generic drugs

Drug manufacturers can charge very different prices for essentially the same generic medicine.
Posted In: generic drugs, prescription

The costs of living with HIV: One man's story

How does living with a disease like HIV affect one's financial choices?
Posted In: HIV, health care, AIDS

The horror! What movie monsters say about money

From "The Walking Dead" to "Warm Bodies," zombies have experienced a resurgence in pop culture. So why do we love to watch these mindless, murderous creatures? Plus, find out what your favorite movie monster represents financially in our interactive photo.
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We're all salespeople, so don't sell yourself short

A look at the art and science of selling yourself -- something author Daniel Pink says we all do in one way or another.
Posted In: sales, job interview, Jobs

Rethinking your investment strategy after the Dow's record high

This week, the Dow hit a record high. So what does that mean for investors?
Posted In: Dow, Investing

Steady as a rock: Real estate in Jackson, Miss.

Daffodils are starting to bloom in Jackson and that's when buyers start coming out looking for a home. We check in with a broker to see what real estate's like in Mississippi.
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