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Building Community in Cairo's Satellite Cities

In Egypt's capital, good affordable housing isn't just a concern -- It's a demand. While Cairo's swelling population clings to the Nile, some Egy...
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The Changing Role of Labor Unions in Egypt

Before the uprisings in Egypt, unions had an uncomfortably close relationship with the government. Now, with newer, independent unions taking the...
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Egyptian Entrepreneurs Face Red Tape

For most Egyptian entrepreneurs, starting a business is like waiting in line at the DMV: Numerous forms, endless lines and a tangle of red tape m...
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Financial Forecasting: Beating the Storm

The Office for Financial Research, or OFR, is a new government outfit that aims to forecast financial storms before they happen....
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The Debt Ceiling: Inching Toward Trouble

Just days after a deal to cut $38 billion in federal spending averted a government shutdown, politicians gear up for the next battle: to raise or...
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Bretton Woods Examines Global Financial Policy

After World War II, Bretton Woods, NH hosted that era's top economists, who hoped to rebuild a world financial system in tatters. Now, Bretton...
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Happiness? There's an App for That

A graduate student from London has developed an iPhone app that's part GPS and part mood ring. The new technology comes as the British government...

Accounting for Happiness

A survey on social "well-being" will give economists -- and voters -- a new tool for judging their leaders. The British government wants to compile...
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Boredom: Looking Beyond GDP

France is the latest country to move beyond Gross Domestic Product to measure economic success. And unlike many countries these days, the Frenchare...
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Financial Reform: A Mortgage Game-changer

The Dodd-Frank law is having a big effect on the mortgage market, namely in the future fate of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac....
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