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Solving Afghanistan's drug problem

China, Russia and the U.N. are meeting on what to do about heroin production in Afghanistan, which is helping fund Taliban insurgents. The West is being criticized for its lack of handling of the drug trade. Dan Grech reports.

Drug cartels cash in with value cards

Drug runners along the U.S.-Mexico border are using stored-value cards to smuggle billions of dollars of cash into the United States. A Senate committee is investigating what can be done to stop them. Dan Grech reports.
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U.S., Mexico in simmering trade war

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is visiting Mexico today on the heels of the country's decision to impose tariffs on 90 U.S. products. Dan Grech reports what prompted the move and why Secretary Clinton can't resolve the dispute.
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Latino workers find greener landscape

The real estate bust has forced companies to cut construction jobs Latino immigrants used to fill. So laid-off workers have turned to greener pastures for work in the downturn. Dan Grech reports.
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No hiding from unemployment effects

Unemployment is affecting people from all walks of life. As Dan Grech reports, things could even get worse.
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Investors may bail out financial system

The U.S. government is developing a plan to give wealthy investors the chance to buy securities that finance consumer lending, without the risk of massive losses. Dan Grech breaks down how the plan could work.
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Venezuela now nationalizing food

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez seized control yesterday of a factory owned by U.S. agriculture giant Cargill. The nationalization move was an attempt to control skyrocketing food prices in the country. Dan Grech reports.
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More power for bankruptcy judges

The House is weighing a bill that would give bankruptcy judges the ability to modify mortgages. They could force lenders to cut the principal on a loan, lower the interest rate, or even extend the life of the loan. Dan Grech reports.
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Citi will help jobless homeowners

Citigroup has a plan to help homeowners who have lost their jobs by lowering mortgage payments to about $500. Dan Grech explores the details of the deal, who it helps and potential caveats.

Latest AIG bailout focuses on change

American International Group announced a $61.7 billion loss in the fourth quarter, the biggest quarterly loss in history. The U.S. government will give AIG a $30 billion rescue package, but Dan Grech reports this bailout will be different.
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