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Bracing for hurricane season

The cost of hurricane insurance has been sky high since Katrina ravaged the South in 2005. Some homeowners even have to forego insurance because it is unaffordable. Dan Grech reports from Miami about how people are coping.

How the government will help GM

Steve Chiotakis talks to Dan Grech about what happened -- or what didn't happen -- with the deal between GM and bondholders, and what the government will do as a major hands-off stakeholder in the company.
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Bondholders to GM: No deal

General Motors formally ended its debt for equity swap plan that was supposed to clear a good chunk of $27 billion in debt, leaving it a step closer to bankruptcy. Steve Chiotakis talks to Michigan Radio's Tracy Samilton.
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Loan modifications for homeowners

The Obama administration has been looking to loan modifications to help some homeowners stay in their homes if they run into trouble. But a new report suggests they aren't stopping defaults. Dan Grech reports.

Real estate agents dwindling in ranks

The proliferation of real estate Web sites has had an adverse effect on the number of real estate agents out there. But there are still advantages to using a real, live person over an online listing. Dan Grech reports.
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BankUnited failure will cost billions

Flordia's BankUnited had $13 billion in assets, but its demise will end up costing taxpayers nearly $5 billion. The bank has been sold to investors and re-opens today under the same name. Dan Grech reports.

Wage theft victims fight for rights

In a recession, some employers may try to shortchange their workers. But wage theft victims are fighting back. Dan Grech reports.
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March trade deficit widens to $27.58b

The Commerce Department says the U.S. trade deficit is climbing again, up to $27.58 billion in March. As Dan Grech reports, this is a return to old times.

Small banks hurt by housing bust

Small banks in places like Florida are seeing their capital wiped out due to the housing bust. Dan Grech reports.
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An uneasy recovery for Mexico after flu

The Mexican government is finally allowing businesses and restaurants to reopen after a five-day shutdown because of the swine flu. But, it's not quite a return to normalcy. Dan Grech reports.
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