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Speed bumps in GM's new plan

Under its new restructuring plan, General Motors will sell assets such as its Chevrolet and Cadillac brands to a new company. But investors aren't entirely happy with the bankruptcy program. Dan Grech reports.
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Telesur excels in Honduras coverage

As the coup in Honduras continues, few are seeing scenes from the turmoil due to heavy media censorship. Venezuelan news outlet Telesur is breaking through, but the coverage comes at a personal cost. Dan Grech explains.

Why U.S. hasn't sanctioned Honduras

Several countries neighboring Honduras have suspended trade, and the World Bank has postponed millions in loans. But the U.S. has held off on sanctions for now. Dan Grech reports.

Small fees pecking away at nest eggs

As 401ks continue to weaken in a rough economy, lawmakers are paying closer attention to what they can control: the buried fees. Over a lifetime, 401k fees can add up to a six-figures number. Dan Grech reports.
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Venezuela may abolish drug patents

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez plans to invalidate some pharmaceutical patents, allowing local producers to create cheaper generic AIDS and cancer drugs. This could lead to future drug shortages. Dan Grech reports why.
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Need credit? Ask your community

Working around unavailable credit, Mexican communities developed a system called tanda to borrow money from their community. Dan Grech explains tanda rules and explores its benefits and pitfalls.
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Are housing starts a sign of the bottom?

After a dismal April, home construction did surprisingly well in May, depending on how you look at the numbers. So is the bottom of the housing market here? Dan Grech reports.
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Migrants ride out recession stateside

With the U.S. in a deep recession, Mexico has been preparing for an influx of returning migrants. But there hasn't been one. Dan Grech reports many Mexican migrants still prefer to ride out the economic storm in the states.
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House reps lose on bailed-out firms

The U.S. House's latest financial disclosures will be released today, divulging how much elected reps lost. At least 18 members of the House Financial Services Committee held stock in bailed-out firms. Dan Grech reports.
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The battle of the telenovelas

Televisa and Univision are battling over who gets to distribute Televisa's popular telenovelas online. Millions in digital ad revenue could be at stake in the dispute. Dan Grech reports what each company has to lose.
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