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Smart trumps cheap in phone world

Despite a lagging economy, Americans are buying smart phones over plain cell handsets, making the U.S. market a tough battleground for wireless carriers. Competitors strive to give the lowest price for the snazziest product. Dan Grech reports.
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Miami budget cuts a 'wake up call'

States with double-digit unemployment numbers are finding that cuts to local government are inevitable. Miami-Dade county has reached 10.6%, and every county employee is getting at least a pay cut, if not worse. Dan Grech reports.

FedEx and UPS spar over union rights

UPS and FedEx are in a battle over unions. UPS lobbied for FedEx teamsters to have the right to organize, a move FedEx is resisting. Dan Grech reports.

7-11 expands amid real estate slump

Taking advantage of cheaper real estate, 7-Eleven is aggressively expanding nationwide and adding 250 new stores. But the convenience store chain is not the only company hoping to come out ahead during the recession. Dan Grech reports.
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Bustling has slowed for online stores

The increased competition among online stores has forced many e-retailers to slash their prices. That's hurt month-to-month sales growth, which has been negative since February. Dan Grech looks into which Web stores are holding up.
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AIG to pay top managers more bonuses

AIG is due to pay about 40 senior managers delayed performance bonuses totaling $2.4 million. But this time around, the company has asked for the blessing of the Obama administration's new compensation czar. Dan Grech reports.

Banks to California: No more IOUs

California has issued about $3 billion worth of IOUs this month. But starting tomorrow, many financial institutions, like JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, say they're going to stop accepting them. Dan Grech reports.

U.S., South Korea hunt cyber attackers

Officials are trying to find the source of a new wave of cyber attacks on Web sites in the U.S. and South Korea. There's speculation that North Korea is behind the attacks, but sourcing a cyber offensive can be tricky. Dan Grech reports.
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Google takes on Microsoft with OS

Google has announced plans to release its own operating system, a month after Microsoft launched a search engine. The move has raised questions about Google's dominance in computing. Dan Grech reports.
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Hospitals get in on health care reform

The Obama administration has been working overtime to get industry support for an overhaul of the U.S. health care system. This morning, it looks like hospitals will be next to offer a deal. Dan Grech reports.
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