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Poland hopes shale gas drilling spurs economic growth

The Polish government wants to become a leader of shale gas extraction for the EU, but opponents are raising environmental concerns.
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Occupy London enjoys certain legal rights

Protesters have recently begun occupying a UBS building in London's financial district, and the Swiss bank can't kick them out without going through the U.K. courts.
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Brits head for cover amid Euro crisis

The British government is officially creating contingency plans in case the Euro breaks apart as fears continue over the regions banking crisis. Other countries so far remain quite on following suit.
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Threat of contagion means France could be next

Even as leadership turns over in Italy and Greece, fear is growing that debt problems in Europe will continue to spread to even bigger economies like France.

European banks face a catch-22

European banks are facing a problem: they have to mark down the value of their debt from countries like Greece, but governments still want to borrow money from them.
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Major container shipping line posts big losses

The world's biggest container shipping company, Maersk, posted big losses in the last quarter, and that might not bode well for the economy at large.
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How would a technocratic government be different?

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi might be able to hold on to power in Italy, but there are still calls for a "technocratic" government to fix the country's problems.

Leadership under strain in Italy and Greece

The drama continues to unfold in Europe today, as politicians in both Italy and Greece face challenges.

Draghi replaces Trichet as European Bank head

Mario Draghi is famous for his charm and diplomacy, but the Italian's greatest asset could be his knowledge of the shaky financial situation of his home country.

The Vatican has a solution for global economic problems

The Vatican is setting forth a plan to solve the problems in Europe and the rest of the world, through a global governing body.


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