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Brits think the Games have gone maybe, sort of, OK

London Olympics go smoothly despite trademark British glumness heading into them.
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Usain Bolt worth more than just Olympic gold

The Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt won yet another Olympic gold medal last night in the 200 meter sprint. The 25-year-old has declared himself a "living legend."
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Standard Chartered diverges from other bank scandals

The scandal over British bank Standard Chartered is taking some interesting turns. This week New York's financial regulator charged the bank with concealing transactions for Iranian clients -- breaking U.S. sanctions against Iran. Standard Chartered could lose its New York license, which would be devastating.
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Wholesale tea prices on the rise

It turns out that bad weather elsewhere in the world is affecting global tea prices. The cost of good quality, black tea has shot up 41 percent on the wholesale market this year.
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England, France facing more financial struggles

The Bank of England forecasts this morning the U.K. economy will not grow at all in the coming quarter. Across the channel, the French central bank says the euro's second-largest economy is headed for its own recession. And Germany's being infected by all this through its exports, which fell in June.
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Standard Chartered bank struggles against scandal

Shares of the British bank Standard Chartered are tanking in London this morning -- down some 25 percent. New York financial regulators say the bank concealed billions of dollars of illegal transactions for Iranian customers.
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How metaphors shape our view of the economy

The economy is complex so we use metaphors to make it understandable. Sometimes, though, these metaphors also shape our view of the economy.

CFTC may drop silver price-manipulation probe

The Commodities Futures Trading Commission may conclude an investigation into whether big banks have manipulated the price of silver.
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Chinese exports help boost economy over India

It wasn't long ago that many thought India's growth rates could surpass those of its long-time rival, China. But China retains the upper hand in that relationship, thanks in part to its exports.
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If the eurozone were a barbershop quartet

A singing group and the countries of the eurozone have much more in common than one might think.
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