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Indian court case crucial for cancer sufferers

This week, India's Supreme Court hears arguments in a case that will affect how many poor people can afford cancer drugs. Novartis is defending a patent on its cancer medication, Gleevec.
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India's 'Demographic Dividend' only good if there's growth

India has a much younger population than many developed countries, but this “demographic dividend” is a only a good thing when young people can find work.
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Eurozone members wary of buying other countries' bonds

Several countries in the eurozone are preparing to borrow by selling bonds. Each nation in the bloc is becoming more wary of buying the debt of its neighbors.
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European leaders fly to meet and plan for economic future

French President Francois Hollande travels to Berlin today to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. That comes a day after Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras asked for more time to get Greece's fiscal house in order. In fact, over the next few days, Europe's skies will be full of dignitaries crisscrossing the continent trying to find a solution to the ongoing debt crisis.
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Beer makers look to emerging markets

Today, the Dutch beer giant, Heineken, says its facing sluggish growth because of lagging demand in Europe. It seems, on the whole, Europeans aren’t drinking away their sorrows over the debt crisis – not with beer anyway.
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West Nile virus hits Dallas, Texas

The city of Dallas Texas has authorized the first aerial spraying of pesticides since the 1960s to stop an outbreak of West Nile virus. Dallas County has seen nearly 200 cases of the mosquito born illness and ten deaths.
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How Australian cigarette restrictions compare to others

Today, Australia's highest court ruled the government there can go ahead with plans to force tobacco companies to sell cigarettes with nothing but a plain package -- no branding at all, just those graphic warnings that say tobacco can kill you.
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Germany and France hold steady, but don't grow much

Happiness is relative in Europe these days: Investors are cheering news the euro area's top economies did not turn in the abysmal results many had expected. Instead, things are just "garden-variety" bad.
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London businesses tally up sales after Olympics

Now that the Games are over, small businesses in London are complaining of losses in their books.
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