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Retaining jobs is key for GM-Magna deal

General Motors could complete a deal to sell off its European divisions to Magna this week. Christopher Werth reports.
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Ireland works out property debacle

Ireland is working out a plan to fix its financial system after blowing a particularly bad property bubble. But economists are calling a new proposed government agency a bad bank. Christopher Werth reports.
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Irish cross border for cheap bargains

On the border between the Republic of Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland, a difference in currencies has Irish shoppers flocking north for great deals. Christopher Werth reports.

Eurozone recession coming to close

Earlier today, the European Commission predicted the recession in the E.U. and the Eurozone will end in the third quarter of this year. But there's still a great deal of uncertainty towards economic growth. Christopher Werth reports.

Brits rally to defend health care system

Many people who don't like the idea of government-run insurance often use the U.K. as an example of what not to do. But that's got the British on the defensive. Christopher Werth reports.
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How French, German economies grew

How are France and Germany experiencing economic growth? Christopher Werth reports.

U.K. hunts for Liechtenstein tax evaders

Britain is signing a deal with Liechtenstein that will flush out wealthy tax evaders. Christopher Werth reports.

U.K., U.S. weather deflation fears

Even though British manufacturing numbers are up and consumer spending is doing better than expected, the Bank of England held its interest rates steady last week and is pouring billions more into the British economy. Why? Chistopher Werth reports.

A V-shaped recovery for Germany?

Exports in Germany jumped 7% in June, and industrial orders continued to rise. Christopher Werth reports on whether the country is headed toward a V-shaped recovery.

U.K. toughens laws on immigration

It used to be pretty easy to earn U.K. citizenship as long as you managed to stay out of trouble. But now British government is implementing stricter policies on who can enter and live in the country. Christopher Werth reports.
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