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Australia corks its use of "champagne"

Europeans are picky about their wine labels. Most believe wine should only be called Champagne if it's made in France. A new agreement between the European Union and Australia is beginning, which will mean that Australian winemakers can no longer make "champagne." Christopher Werth explains.
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British arts may have to follow the American way

With big budget cuts on the horizon, British art organizations are going to have to look beyond the government for funding. Marketplace's Christopher Werth has the story.
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Smugglers encourage migration to Europe for profit

Every year, thousands of refugees and illegal migrants try to sneak into the U.K. France's north-coast are flooded with fleeing migrants -- and smugglers hoping to profit from their plight.
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Stockpiles, U.S. farmers might pick up wheat slack

The surging price of wheat has raised fears that other grain-growing countries might begin hoarding their own supplies. But the U.S. might also be able to help with the shortage.
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Companies can use trademarks as Google keywords

A European court has ruled Google can allow advertisers to use other companies' trademarks as registered keywords in their ads.
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Study: British losing love for standing in line

A study out from the bank Barclays says the British are becoming less willing to wait for what they want.

Wheat prices are up and could go even higher

Scorching heat in Russia has caused wheat crops to wither and sent global wheat prices up 50 percent since the end of June.
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Plane makers vie for Boeing, Airbus market share

While orders for new planes have been brisk for Boeing and rival Airbus, many believe the days of the two companies dominating the aerospace market could be numbered.
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Europe's stress test ignoring default scenario

Regulators in London will give a grade to more than 90 banks in Europe. But critics say the stress tests ignore a eurozone restructuring/default scenario.
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U.S. banks paying bulk of U.K. banker bonus tax

A tax introduced in the U.K. last year to curb the size of bankers' bonuses is creating a windfall for the British government -- and U.S. banks are paying the bulk of it.
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