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The 4 biggest 2013 stories that impacted your wallet

We're joined by three journalists to talk about some of the biggest news stories of 2013 that affected our wallets.
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5 tax tips for end-of-year planning

Certified financial planner Barry Glassman joins host Carmen Wong Ulrich to talk about getting prepared for tax season with tips for planning.
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Give! (And keep track of your donations!)

There’s a benefit to charitable giving beyond the warm and fuzzy holiday spirit -- such donations can shave a bit off the year’s tax bill.
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Tips on holiday tipping when you're broke

Is your budget being blown by holiday tipping? Marketplace Money host Carmen Wong Ulrich talks to etiquette expert Thomas Farley about how you show your appreciation during the holidays without going broke.
Posted In: holiday tipping, holiday etiquette, etiquette

5 things to keep in mind before donating to charity

Marketplace Money host Carmen Wong Ulrich talks to Eileen Heisman, the President and CEO of the National Philanthropic Trust, about how to get the most out of your charitable donations
Posted In: Charity, Charitable giving

The Wonder Woman of our wallets

A new bill from Sen. Elizabeth Warren to regulate credit histories and employment applications.
Posted In: Warren, CFPB, FICO scores

Beyonce's surprise album and the personal finance of choice

Beyonce's album teaches us the choices we make with our money.
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Ask Carmen: Becoming partners in sickness and in health ... and in money, too

Mark in Great Falls, Montana, is looking to find love a second time around and wants to know the financial implications of combining money with a new spouse.
Posted In: ask carmen, Personal Finance, marriage

Dead Prez's Stic and wife Afya talk why they eat 'good on a hood budget'

When we grow up and create a new way of living In response to the bad habits of those around us, going against the grain can be exactly what we need to move forward. With that in mind, this blog caught our eye: "7 Ways To Eat Good On A Hood Budget."

Make your (personal finance) New Year's resolutions

As January quickly approaches, it’s time to consider resolutions for the new year. Eat healthier, drink less and “live life to the fullest” are all standbys, but personal finance goals often top these lists.
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