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Opel talks start off with tension

Before the talks began, GM revealed it needed an extra $400 million in cash to keep Opel going, which outraged German officials. Bill Radke asks European correspondent Stephen Beard why and what this boils down to for the companies involved.
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Does this mean bankruptcy for GM?

Bill Radke talks to Doug Bernstein, bankruptcy attorney with Plunkett Cooney in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., about GM bondholders rejecting the offer to exchange debt for GM stock.
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Mexican dream tied to American Dream

Mexico sends more immigrants to the United States than any other country. But stricter border enforcement and fewer jobs in the U.S. are tarnishing its allure. Former Mexican Foreign Secretary Jorge Castaneda talks with Bill Radke about the consequences.
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Addressing a widening opportunity gap

America may be called the Land of Opportunity, but growing disparities between rich and poor now limit economic advancement. Alan Milburn, a British government adviser on social mobility, talks with Bill Radke about how the U.K. is dealing with similar concerns.

India loves cars too, but smaller ones

Dinesh Mohan, a transportation expert at the Indian Institute of Technology, talks with Bill Radke about his country's embrace of the car and what lessons Americans might take from it.
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