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VIDEO: Bill's goodbye

News in rhyme in 60 seconds time. This week: Unemployment's rise, dollar's demise, the Nobel prize, and Bill says bye-bye.


It's the first time in more than three-and-a-half decades that Iran will lead the oil cartel. What does it mean for the rest of the world, and for...
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MID-DAY UPDATE: A power surge for ethanol

Today, Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce an increase in the amount of ethanol allowed in gasoline. Will tell you why that...
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MID-DAY UPDATE: Corn prices hit a two-year high -- what's that mean for you and me?

Corn futures have been climbing ever since the government predicted a light crop. You'll feel that at the grocery store... and at the gas pump....
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MID-DAY UPDATE: Two Americans share Nobel Prize in Economics

The Nobel Prize in Economics goes to Americans and a British/Cypriot citizen. Their work is timely: How economic policies affect unemployment....
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MID-DAY UPDATE: More job losses in September...

This morning, the Labor Department said federal, state and local governments cut more jobs than the private sector created. Non-farm employment...
Posted In: green-washing, Immigration, Marketplace Minute, mid-day update, population, Unemployment

VIDEO: No glee in trade war

All the week's business news in a 60-second poem. This week: A less-than-sunny jobs report, Japan slashes its interest rate, a trade war may be brewing, foreclosures, and the Beatles have fewer hits than Glee.

MID-DAY UPDATE: Corporations have money. Why aren't they hiring?

U.S. companies have more cash on hand than they have in a while. They're using it for buying each other, buying their own stock... everything, it...
Posted In: food stamps, Michael Bloomberg, mid-day update, shopping mall, Unemployment

Consumer spending picks up... private hiring does not.

Bad news: This morning, a private payroll service said U-S companies unexpectedly decreased their workforces last month by 39,000 people. Good...
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Japan cuts interest rates to near 0 -- where is this headed?

The central bank of Japan today made a surprise interest rate cut. Rates are rock bottom here, too -- is this a race to the bottom? What are the...
Posted In: geoengineering, global warming, gold, Holy Land Experience, interest rates, Japan, Jerome Kerviel, mid-day update, Societe Generale


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