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Defense industry to largely shake off first

The long-term nature of defense contracts shields the industry from short-term sequester disruptions in areas of the country that depend on military spending, such as St. Louis.
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Carmakers bet on green future

Makers of hybrid and electric cars are increasing their offerings in 2013 despite a somewhat disappointing roll-out of vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt.
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After shooting, buyers snap up gun magazines

When acts of violence shake the nation, sales of guns go up -- and the same happens with gun magazine sales.
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Efforts to keep barge traffic flowing on drought-affected Mississippi River

Every year roughly $180 billion worth of freight makes its way up and down the Mississippi River. An epic shortage of water on the nation's major inland waterways is expected to put upward pressure on everything from food items, to electricity.
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Amtrak high-speed rail to compete with airlines

Amtrak is hoping to lure travelers away from other means of transport, like airlines, with new high-speed rail service.
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Michigan trademark case questions who owns the road

In northern Michigan, there's a fight over a trademark on the sign for the iconic and beautiful M-22 -- a state highway that loops through the Leelanau Peninsula.
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Some see dollar signs in invasive fish

U.S. exporters hope to sate Chinese demand for Asian carp.
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A groundskeeper waters flowers.

Paying for beauty in a drought

It's not easy to maintain a beautiful lawn...especially when there's no water.
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In Midwest, Isaac brings much-needed rain

The parched Midwest will get rain after Hurricane Isaac moves inland, but it won't be enough to end drought conditions.
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Durable goods orders are a sign of what's to come

Durable goods encompass a broad swath of the economy and tend to be items consumers forgo in tough times.
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