Yep, they're a thing.
Yep, they're a thing. - 
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There's a new kind of Oreo on the market.

I should say here that Nabisco's famous for trying out new flavors for their iconic cookies, and those flavors usually kind of make sense.

Brownie batter Oreos. Yes, please.

Banana split OreosPumpkin spice Oreos — not my style, but I get it.

Oreo Thins and Watermelon Oreos might be pushing it, but okay fine.

This one, though... I dunno.

The food site The Impulsive Buy happened on an Oreo limited edition the other day: Swedish Fish Oreos.

Yes, the gum candy things.

The Oreos are two chocolate wafers and, to quote the review on The Implusive Buy, a creme filling that's got "puckering pops of candied cherry and a slightly off-putting finish of waxy gelatin."


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