You should listen to us more often. THREE new lawsuits have been filed charging that the FCC's rules don't go nearly far enough.

From Hillicon Valley:

Media Access Project Policy Director Andrew Jay Schwartzman told Hillicon on Thursday that his organization is acting as counsel for three groups filing petitions for review: Media Mobilizing Project in Philadelphia's 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Mountain Area Information Network in Richmond, Va.'s 4th Circuit and Access Humboldt in San Francisco's 9th Circuit.

Their shared complaint is pretty simple: wireless should be protected in the same way that wired communications are. This has been a big sticking point in the whole net neut battle as the carriers wanted no rules and a lot of other people wanted a lot of rules. The compromise ultimately reached seemed to be to apply regulation to wired internet but take a much lighter touch on wireless communications, under the argument that that was still an emerging space and shouldn't be regulated prematurely.

Now that the rules have been published, the lawsuits are going to come pouring in.

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