Okay, so this is some geek chow but it's interesting to follow for those interested in where Amazon is going. They've introduced Domain Name Service.

DNS is technology that connects the Internet address that people use, such as www.flickr.com, to its numeric address, It's that numeric Internet Protocol (IP) address that computers and network gear need to route data over the Internet. DNS functions not unlike a phone book, where you can find a phone number by looking up a person's name.

For most people, you think about DNS once: when you set up your website and make this linkage happen. But sometimes it takes a few days to get it to go through. Amazon's service promises to speed that up really fast so it could be a great option for people who set up and run lots of sites, like businesses for example. Having those businesses tied further into Amazon helps Amazon and there are those dollars we've been waiting for throughout this item, on the off chance the geek chow didn't make you stop reading long ago. Hi. How are you?

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