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Financially Inclined: Additional Resources

Below we’ve compiled some Marketplace stories that can help you keep exploring Financially Inclined topics beyond the episodes. From stories of class anxiety and pay negotiations to practical how-to guides for raising your credit score, there’s lots more to check out!

Understanding Credit Cards: OK, we know, credit cards can be scary! But they don’t need to be. And credit cards can help you reach a lot of your goals (like someday renting your own place). This week, Yanely Espinal chats with TikTok finance influencer John Eringman (aka John E. Finance) about how to decide if you’re ready to get your first credit card.

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How Money Makes Us Feel: Dealing with money is super important and unavoidable. But it seems like the older we get, the harder it is to talk about. This week, Yanely Espinal talks with Marketplace host Reema Khrais, who chats with people every day about their relationships with money on her podcast “This Is Uncomfortable.” Reema explains why conversations about money are so important and how we can all have a better relationship with money.

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Stock Market Basics: Have you ever heard the term “stock market” or “index fund” and thought to yourself, “What the heck is that? And should I put money in there?” This week, Yanely Espinal talks with TikToker and money coach Delyanne Barros to figure out how to start investing.

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