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Have you ever used your student ID, long past graduation day, to save money at the movies, or a store? Have you faked a birthday for the free restaurant dessert? If so, perhaps you'll be inspired by New York Magazine staff writer Lisa Ryan, who took things a step further and faked an engagement — ring, wedding website and all — for the discounts. 

Ryan's quest for discounts started when she noticed how many discounts are aimed at brides-to-be: spa packages, gym memberships, registry shopping freebies. She bought a cheap ring online, made a wedding website on TheKnot.com, and cashed in on $100 off exercise classes — it wasn't long until she was trying on dresses, expecting (but not receiving) free champagne.

So, what would you do for a discount? Fake a wedding? A birthday? Fake being a student? Let us know! Email the team at weekend@marketplace.org, hit us up on Facebook or tweet at us. We’re @MarketplaceWKND.


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