Amanda Chantal Bacon is the creator of Moon Juice.
Amanda Chantal Bacon is the creator of Moon Juice. - 
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I first learned about Amanda Chantal Bacon and Moon Juice in the way I’d bet a lot of people who don’t live in LA do: from the internet.

In May of last year, Bacon compiled a “food diary” for Elle magazine.  It featured all sorts of things that made my eyebrows rise, like adaptogens, various powders and supplements. Needless to say, the internet went nuts. Bacon was mocked, imitated, but also envied.

After all, people are talking about her, and her business, Moon Juice. When I was in LA last month, I went to visit her at the Moon Juice store in Silver Lake. And as you can hear in this interview, I am skeptical of the implied medical promise of what she’s selling. But – and it certainly shows in the taste – Bacon was trained as a chef, and what Moon Juice makes tastes pretty damn good. I had a “Deep Chocolate Force” with “Spirit Dust” added and enjoyed it tremendously.

We sat down to talk about her business, her new cookbook, and some of the appeals that Moon Juice makes to its customers. She’s also expanded to sell her products via Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Bacon was a good sport – especially considering that we chatted in a supply closet in the back of the store (radio producers like a quiet room). She even wanted skeptical me to try “Power Dust” for a month and report back. The jury’s still out.

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