Next week is Screen-Free Week (in the olden-days it was called TV-Turnoff ). It’s a week where we’re all supposed to turn off our screens and “turn on life.” But is fully unplugging even possible these days, when so much of “life” happens on screens? “Sorry guys, I’d love to research and write and edit this story, but I’m going screen-free.” I don’t think it’d fly.

You might expect MIT’s Sherry Turkle , who wrote a book called Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, to be a full-fledged screen-free advocate. But she tempers her call for unplugging. Instead she says, we should go on a "screen diet." We’ll have more from her next week. And hey, if you are going screen-free, you can still listen-in. Radio players don’t have screens. (At least the old-timey ones with knobs.)

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