If you can’t beat ‘em, acquire ‘em. OMGPOP is the maker of the crazily popular app Draw Something, which is sort of an app version of Pictionary. It’s top o’ the charts among paid apps and it’s free version is on top of the free apps chart. Interestingly, it must also be considered the number one Facebook app because you can use your Facebook log in through the app and that means it’s more popular than any Zynga app. Well, Zynga is apparently getting ready to get back on top of the charts by simply buying its competitor.

Zynga has built something of an empire for its social games, which are not very good but insanely addictive. But gamers connections to free social games aren’t all that strong so Zynga needs to constantly come up with something new and great. By acquiring the unfortunately named OMGPOP, Zynga is apparently looking to have the greatest game by any means necessary.

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