So I gave my 9-year-old daughter my old iPhone to use as an iPod. She had had it for maybe three days when she accidentally dropped it into a toilet, ruining it forever, turning it into a black square of nothingness. To her perspective, she should have just been able to dry it off and keep using it. Alas, that is not reality.

But a company called HzO says it has come up with a way to coat the internal components of a phone with waterproofing material so that they would be unaffected by a quick dunk in the water. You still wouldn’t be able to take your phone swimming - and really why would you? -- but your world wouldn’t fall apart if it fell in the kitchen sink. Of course then there’s the matter of getting the phone makers to install this technology but the company says it’s confident that once customers know this can be done they will rise up and demand this on all devices. “We DEMAND the right to accidentally drop our phones in the toilet and SUFFER NO CONSEQUENCES!”, the imaginary consumers will evidently holler.


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