In a move that has absolutely no downsides, scientists in Japan have built a robot that can think, learn and do things it hasn't been programmed to do.

So far, it can find something on a table, specifically a container of water, and figure out what to do with it, like pour it into a cup, and then add some ice, because why not. If we were scientists, that'd be the first thing we'd teach our robots to do.

From PC Mag:

"So far robots, including industrial robots, have been able to do specific tasks quickly and accurately. But if their environment changes slightly, robots like that can't respond," explains a researcher in an interview with Diginfonews. "This robot remembers only basic knowledge and it can apply that knowledge to its immediate situation."

These robots don't just look to their creators of lessons, they're also able to learn from the Internet and other robots. There's no way they'd ever teach each other how to overthrow their human masters.

Number 5 turned out OK.

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