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MARK AUSTIN THOMAS: A lot of very important people are making their way to Sun Valley Idaho today. The gathering takes place every year at this time, but Marketplace's Lisa Napoli says the event may be losing a bit of its luster.

LISA NAPOLI: For the past quarter century media moguls have gathered each summer in Sun Valley Idaho for a week of networking and deal-making.

It's sponsored by investment bankers Allen and Company, but some say the confab is losing its luster.

Michael Wolff is the media columnist for Vanity Fair.

MICHAEL WOLFF: "It's probably less an important event because the whole media business is coming apart."

What with creations like YouTube and Tivo changing the way we look at media.

Still Wolff says deals continue to get done, just by virtue of the powerhouses who show up and hang out. Consider this item on the agenda:

Michael Eisner interviewing Rupert Murdoch, Barry Diller and Sir Howard Stringer.

I'm Lisa Napoli for Marketplace.