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A History of Now: The Trailer
May 6, 2020
Season 4

A History of Now: The Trailer

This season, we explore the history and policies that help make sense of this current moment, a time where issues of wealth and poverty feel even more stark than usual. New episodes start May 13.

There’s not much that’s more uncertain than our current moment.

Our day-to-day lives and the economy at large have been upended by the coronavirus pandemic. The crisis has set in high relief the inequalities that already existed in America.

Each season, “The Uncertain Hour” dives into one controversial topic to reveal the surprising origin stories of our economy. On this new season, which we’re calling “A History of Now,” we’ll dig into history and policy to cast light on what’s happening in the economy, why it’s happening, and what that means for people trying to get ahead — or just get by.

We’ll explore why we handle unemployment the way we do in this country, how the holes in our social safety net got there, the history of quarantine and how your income and class will likely determine your fate.

Our Wealth & Poverty team has been doing this for a long time — it was born out of  the 2008 financial crisis to help explain the recession’s impact on vulnerable communities, and over three seasons of “The Uncertain Hour” we’ve explored welfare reform, government regulation and America’s war on drugs.

Listen to the trailer, catch up on those first three seasons here, and subscribe on your podcast app so you don’t miss it when the first episode of “The Uncertain Hour: A History of Now” drops May 13.

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This season of “The Uncertain Hour” tells the unheard stories of real people affected by the welfare-to-work industrial complex.

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The team

Krissy Clark Host and Senior Correspondent
Caitlin Esch Senior Producer
Catherine Winter Senior Editor
Chris Julin Producer
Sitara Nieves Executive Director, On Demand
Erica Phillips Writer/Producer
Tony Wagner Digital Producer