Bytes: Week in Review – AI whistleblowers, Facebook’s future, and meme stock backlash
Jun 7, 2024

Bytes: Week in Review – AI whistleblowers, Facebook’s future, and meme stock backlash

Natasha Mascarenhas at The Information joins Marketplace's Lily Jamali for this week's Tech Bytes: Week in Review

It’s cornered the market for boomers. Now, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta hopes to make Facebook once again a favorite social media app for young adults. As the platform celebrates its 20th birthday this year, it’s hoping an AI-filled facelift can bring more success over the next 20 years.

Plus, the Wall Street Journal reports E*Trade is considering whether to give the boot to user Roaring Kitty, also known as Keith Gill, who helped ignite the 2021 meme stock craze. In case you missed it, yes, the craze is back.

But first, there’s yet another open letter on AI. This week’s whistleblower letter comes from more than a dozen current and former employees at major AI companies. They warn of the risks posed by the technology being developed.

Marketplace’s Lily Jamali is joined by Natasha Mascarenhas, reporter at The Information, for her take on this week’s tech news.

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