Why Biden picked Powell
Nov 22, 2021
Episode 565

Why Biden picked Powell

A lesson in choosing battles.

President Joe Biden says he wants to reappoint Jerome Powell to serve as chair of the Federal Reserve for a second term. It’s a big deal, but it wasn’t unexpected. We’ll explain the political calculus behind the decision. Plus, we’ll highlight a few long reads you may have missed over the weekend, including one about how China is winning the clean energy contest. And a “Turducken”-inspired Thanksgiving dessert, plus we ask listeners to share their version of a “Turducken” Thanksgiving cocktail.

Here’s everything we talked about today:

Read the transcript here.

Tomorrow, we’re doing a deep dive into the Federal Reserve. If you have a question about the central bank and how it works, send a voice memo or give us a call at 508-82-SMART (508-827-6278).

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