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As EV sales growth slows, the industry faces bankruptcies and new challenges

Jun 18, 2024
Fisker filed for bankruptcy, underscoring the electric vehicle market's troubles. More options and standardization may help.
Among drivers of gasoline-powered cars, EV sticker prices and range limitations are key concerns about switching. Above, Fisker vehicle chargers.
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How does the cost of housing figure into the consumer price index? It's complicated.

Jun 14, 2024
Owners' equivalent rent measures the market cost of living in a home — which is a bit different from how much we actually spend on housing.
The cost of housing makes up more than a third of the CPI.
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A new report says worldwide oil demand will peak in 2029. Some oil industry observers are skeptical.

Jun 13, 2024
Even if the prediction's right, Big Oil will be with us much longer.
Even if the IEA's estimate is right, petroleum will continue to be a massive industry past 2029.
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Ad spending is climbing, thanks to tireless consumers — and artificial intelligence

Jun 11, 2024
AI promises to improve ad targeting. It can also generate content tailored to individuals.
Artificial intelligence could inform more than 94% of ad spending before the end of the decade, a GroupM report says.
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Netflix's new look is designed to keep you hooked

Jun 7, 2024
The streaming giant announced this week it’s rolling out its redesigned TV app. The whole goal is to make it more tempting to stay on the app for longer.
The goal is to make the app simpler, more intuitive and easier to navigate, said Pat Flemming at Netflix.
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How equitable are 401(k) plans?

Jun 6, 2024
A new Vanguard study says 401(k)s aren’t enough for many people to retire, and that the top 20% of earners get 44% of employer contributions.
White employees and those with well-off parents reap the biggest benefits of 401(k)s, said MIT finance professor Taha Choukhmane.
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Nanobubbles help this lakeside cope with toxic algae — and the changing climate

Jun 5, 2024
As climate change warms water, algae is killing fish and plants in U.S. lakes, including California's Lake Elsinore. New tech could save them.
After a new investment and a wet winter, Lake Elsinore is the bluest and cleanest it’s been in years.
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Home prices have reached new records, yet consumer confidence rose. What gives?

May 28, 2024
Turns out what we're seeing may not be optimism as much as less pessimism.
Plans to buy a new home in the next six months were "at one of the lowest levels that it’s been, I think, in the history of the Consumer Confidence Index,” says Brian Connolly of the University of Michigan.
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Why working women feel less financially secure than working men

May 24, 2024
An annual workplace benefits report from Bank of America shows it's not just because they make less money overall.
Beyond the pay gap, this report shows another reason for worry: the stigma associated with being a caregiver, says Yana Rodgers at Rutgers University.
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Dwindling savings and changing consumer tastes have hit Target hard

May 22, 2024
Meanwhile, its competitors are doing pretty well, including Walmart, where groceries account for 60% of sales.
Most of that extra cushion in people’s savings accounts from the pandemic is now gone, says Columbia professor Brett House.
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