Espresso machine

Espresso machine... is it worth it?
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Lasts: 10year
Used: 2x per days
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Rancilio Silvia V3. Rated best under $1,000. I plan on making two cups of coffee per day, and will use it for 10 years (at least).

George Judson's picture George Judson

Okay, among coffee drinkers, is it worth it? Tea drinkers don't get to vote. I think.

bd__sd's picture bd__sd

If the purpose is _only_ to get the caffeine. But I figure I'm renting a remote office for $5 frap drink. ;-)

paddyh's picture paddyh

Think of what you're missing! The leisurely stroll to the coffee shop, the casual banter with the baristas, the smiles exchanged with the regulars at the store....