Feedback: Your ideas on what rich is

Mmmmmoney. Counting money.

Next week on Marketplace Money, the show will concentrate on one number: $250,000. It's the current line in the sand in the debate on whether to extend Bush-era tax cuts. An income of $250,000 makes you wealthy, says one side. Oh no it doesn't, says the other.

We'll hear from people like you across the nation on the topic. Some say, "A household of $250,000 is not wealthy." Others say, "Yes, in many places in the country its." What do you think?

We'll also hear from people like Robert Frank, whose book "Richistan" chronicled a dozen or so folks worth millions of dollars who say they don't feel rich.

"I had a couple, they're worth $200 million. They said to me, 'Wow, I love reading that book about those people. I couldn't believe those people in your books.' So the wealthy they don't see themselves as wealthy," says Frank. "There was a billionaire I talked to who said, 'I'm not rich. Now let me tell you about this guy who is rich.' And he genuinely meant it because, again, we're always looking at those above us and comparing ourselves to the people that we'd like to be rather than looking down at the reality."

We want your feedback: What is rich to you? Leave a comment here or at our Facebook page.

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I think, no one is ever going to be rich enough. But that doesn't mean they're not rich, ppl r simply greedy. Rich is if you can afford life's essentials and have left over money! The more leftover money you've got, the rich-er you are.

Rich is having great health, a job and debts paid and family that lives morally and believes in a heavenly creator.Money is not being rich,spoil maybe but not rich. if you follow the golden rule you are rich.

"Think that life is indeed beautiful. Do not be sad that beauty can be perceived ". "People who are good inner eye will be accept as fact and he will be happy"
http://goo.gl/3vrSEo . "Use the word" please "when asking for help to train humble and appreciative" . "If you ask please do not push because it was not his duty, but his choice"

I love Marketplace Money because it makes me gag. Its clueless about macroeconomics, but follows personal economic rules much like the "Rules" proposed by dating guides. Mating daters should not call suitors too often (delayed gratification); they should parcel emotional feelings for optimal effect (schedule big purchases carefully); they should generate unrequited attention (conserve assets but reduce debts). The rules don't sustain examination of their underlying assumptions: good relationships depend on trust, not sly manners; healthy economies depend on good wages, entrepreneurial activity, and positive expectations, not 401K management. But the superficial silliness of Marketplace Money is a good fit, a close approximation, of common attitudes. As its dialogues unfold, we can hear the debtor squirm, and understand why he feels government spending is unfair. We can hear the fenced-in asset-holder gloat, his position lifted above the petty concerns of needy citizens. It's like hearing married couples mock aging singles, who must be unattractive or fail to game the system. Marketplace Money's unsympathetic realism reminds me that human nature is guilty, doubtful, critical, and afraid; that is valuable information.

Rich is so relative. It needs a standard definition such as feeding and schooling 2.5 kids in public schools and public colleges, in a X square foot house, X amount of medical bills, a new car every 10 years, never eating out, having the internet since is it required by some government departments to due transactions, etc... For me the more I make the more I am taxed and the more I am expected to pay. I think that welfare, free lunches, scholarships, social security, retirement contribrutions, etc.. should all be included in the gross income for this figure. I consider myself well off because I get to buy things new, but I have some neighbors who have more and who get help and I just can't figure out why. I paid $44K in all taxes (income, property, social security, etc) last years on $143K gross, and I had to pay for everthing and put money away for retirement. And I feel very lucky to do this. I guess I will not feel rich until I can look in my bank account and have to wonder how I am going to spend my extra money because I have yet to have that extra money there to spend.

I only have one point to make. I read over and over again from people earning close to or over $250k don't consider themselves rich due -in part- to the cost of sending their 2-5 kids to college.
Ha, cry me a river.
Do it like the rest of the sub-six figure populace and saddle your kids with student loan debt.

I am so so rich at a military retirement of about 40,000 a year. I can choose to work or not, I have a good amount invested in the stock market, government subsidized health care (TriCare). I paid off my daughter's college loans a few years after she graduated from college. I have a 15 year mortgage on a house that is about 1/6th of my income. HOW? As I progressed in rank, I kept my life style pretty modest. I saved my raises. I knew the day was approaching when my time would be more valuable than anything in the world. According to many of your "experts" I must be unusual, but I tell you, I am so happy, and if I am not, a new car or bigger house is not going to help at this stage of the game.

Rich is relative and subjective. I can imagine that for some people 250,000 is nothing much. But, for some of us anything approaching $100,000 makes us feel pretty good. All comments above sort of exemplify this. Ask the question: Is $250,000 adequate?....for me, it would be. For others, again, it would not be. It depends on what one wants to do in life, probably. Make a splash or just live life.

Rich is a state of mind. When my four-year old daughter wraps her arms around me and says, "I love you, Mommy", you better believe that I am the richest woman in the world. Even when the roof leaks and the car quits and we are eating beans and rice for the third time this week, I am still able to find so many ways to feel rich that it isn't even funny. I feel sad for those people that can't find wealth in their lives unless it has a dollar sign attached to it. If you can't be rich when you are warm, dry, and full of food, you will never be.

Rich is not all about money, however any average size family making 250K gross, I would consider to be well off.


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