We live in the future: they're printing bikinis now.

And apparently they're comfortable, you can swim in them, and they seem to look okay. The N12 bikini is created without any sewing involved. It's created through the growing and mind-bending technology of 3-D printing. The N12 is made by a company called Continuum, whose co-founder Jenna Fizel says bikinis were a good place to start since little material is used. To get one, you go online, order the size you want, then Continuum prints it out in four pieces, snaps it together, and mails it to you. Continuum has access to one of these 3-D printers, which are pretty expensive at the moment but the price will drop. Eventually, you'll just buy (or pirate) (but don't pirate) the design for clothes and print them at home.

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