Logo/Date/? : Spotify copies a popular format

Apple has done it for years. Facebook does it. Even Dish network tried it. Now Spotify is jumping on the “something big is just around the corner” bandwagon. The trend in big tech announcements these days is to send out invitations to the press without revealing what the press conference is about. At best, you might get pictograms that hint at the intent, but businesses want to build the suspense.  Spotify is up to something... or possibly nothing. Cryptic invitations to a November 30 event were sent out yesterday.

All Things D speculates a couple possibilities:

There are a couple of obvious things that Spotify can add to its product lineup that I assume are in the works. In Europe, for instance, Spotify offers an MP3 store, so users can buy songs directly from the service instead of heading to iTunes or Amazon (and now, Google). But the U.S. version of the service doesn’t have one.

I also assume we’ll see an iPad app for the service at some point, but perhaps one that functions more like a remote control/console than a full-fledged client.

If anything, Spotify has been historically low-key with its announcement, so hopefully this is bigger than just an app and/or a store.


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Marc Sanchez is the technical director and associate producer for Marketplace Tech Report where he is responsible for shaping the sound of the show.


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