How do ‘ya like dem apples ... online?

Face it, you’re not Matt Damon. I’m sorry I had to break the news to you this way. And since you're not Matt Damon, I don’t think you’re going to be earning that degree from MIT by sneaking around the school as a janitor and solving unsolvable math equations. Today MIT will announce that you bypass all that janitor stuff and earn a certificate from its hallowed halls, while never never setting foot on campus.

The institution has been on the forefront of online classes, letting anyone with an Internet connection virtually sit in on lectures. Until now, though, that’s all you could do: sit and watch. Well, now you can participate and earn a grade. According to Reuters: “Students wanting to earn certificates through MIT's online program will have to pay a fee, university officials said, adding that fees had not yet been set.” School officials stressed that this will not be “MIT-lite.” Students will have access to professors, participate in class discussions, and take exams. Does that mean, if you enroll, you’ll have anxiety dreams of showing up to the computer in your living room completely naked and unprepared for class?



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