Video: Breaking in the iPad . . . with a bat

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Hope the scrap was disposed of as hazardous waste

After watching this and seeing the amateurish camera work involved, I can only say that if * I * were about to waste $500 on such a pointless stunt, I'd at least buy a decent video camera -- and get someone who knew how to use it -- out there first.

Unless it was stolen these guys wasted at least $400 of good money. Did they enjoy it? Were they high? No comment on shy they busted it. Are they Ludittes? Do they think a PC could withstand the same treatment?

Why am I wasting my time commenting?

Related to the story on the I-pad smashing video. I have to confess that while listening to the story my twisted sense of humor pondered how the I-pad may change the world in unintended ways. Imagine for a moment that Best Buy memorialized the spot of the I-pad smashing with an engraving into the sidewalk of a modernized version of the quote from Heinrich Heine, "Where they smash I-pads, at the end they also smash people". And what does Ray Bradbury speculate? Will the I-pad re-invigorate reading or speed its demise? How long until we discover at what temperature an I-pad burns?

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