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What's college worth anyway?

Sep 5, 2014
The difference between income inequality and wealth inequality is key.
Posted In: higher education, loan student debt, inequality

Please, tip your waiters

Aug 29, 2014
...and other lessons I learned from my first job.

Extending the female athlete spotlight past Mo'Ne Davis

Aug 22, 2014
Mo'Ne Davis is held out as a sensation and pioneer for women in sports.
Posted In: business of sports, women

Money can buy you happiness... sort of

Aug 8, 2014
Maybe the dismal science is good for something.

Answering your economics questions with Jim Tankersley

Aug 1, 2014
In which we talk job growth, student loans, and horse-sized ducks.

Rules of thumb for staying informed

Jul 18, 2014
What I've learned from covering breaking news.

What's it worth to be in on the joke?

Jul 11, 2014
A philosophical take on potato salad.

Everybody's working for the Marketplace Weekend

Jun 27, 2014
How our producers, myself, and you the listener will shape Marketplace Weekend.
Health Clinic

What does pain have to do with econ? Oh, everything

Jun 20, 2014
A pain clinic is a strange place to think about economics. Or is it?
Posted In: pain, personal essays

Soccer stickers: "I have a lot of Greece but I need Nigeria."

Jun 13, 2014
An economics lesson in every World Cup sticker.
Posted In: World Cup, soccer, Panini stickers

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I've been called bossy.

Mar 14, 2014
Does calling girls “bossy” discourage them from being leaders?
Posted In: women, bossy, gender

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