Who picked the word 'sequester' anyway?

A final thought, which goes like this. We've just gotta find a new word for "sequester." Because really, it's just not fun to say -- or hear. At least "fiscal cliff" had a certain ring to it, even though we didn't really love that either.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying to get some traction for "Obamaquester." Funny, if not entirely accurate.

So over to you. Tweet us @MarketplaceAPM or @KaiRyssdal, or comment below with your suggestion.

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Not liking vague and unclear terms or wording I prefer to get right to the point. Congresster, Congresstration, Congrested and any other variation that lets everyone know where the problem is. Another option that would be more widely inclusive: Politis, Politistration, Politistered

To represent the english major minions, I propose an alternative to sequester be:


...with the added benefit that those esteeemed members who do nothing to avert said disaster, be they donkey or elephant, will be required to shamefully wear a scarlet "H" on thier lapel.

DUMFLOSION meaning implosion of effective work by dumb federal politicking and complete frustration from the individual on the street's point of view

Send Jerry Brown in there and let him kick some *ss

Alternatives to sequestration are
IMPOUND (my preferred) or expropriate or seize

In an effort to find a new wording I thought about Directives if Unable to Make a Budget. This is kind of long so let's take the acronym D.U.M.B. We can then call them the Dumb Cuts.

I'm still for "the Decimation", going with the whole 10% thing.
Or perhaps "the Disembudgetment".
Or "Congressional Roulette", which is like Russian Roulette but less alliterative and everyone loses.

How about "impasstration"? Verb "impassrate"?

The "GOP CHOP" seems to me to be most appropriate. Pronounced "gawp chop."

How about "arbitrary belt tightening" or "ABT," as in "The President and Congress continued their negotiations over the ABT as the March 1 deadline looms."

I chose "arbitrary" because it fits two ways -- both because sequestration as a device is utterly arbitrary, and because the "across the board" implementation is also arbitrary.

And I chose "belt tightening" because it so fits the homespun views of the Tea Party which apparently thinks that decicisons about running the federal government shyould be made over the kitchen table over dinner.


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