What your beer says about your politics

Beer is on tap. What does beer say about your politics?

This final note today.

It seems that what beer you drink might say something about your politics and how likely you are to vote. The folks over at the National Journal have done some analysis.

Heineken is the most Democratic beer, while Samuel Adams is the most Republican.

But here's my gripe -- most of the beers they surveyed? Nothing but fizzy yellow watery stuff. Where are the craft beers? The good beers? The real beers?

Here's the chart NJ devised to track its partisan brews:

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Kai Ryssdal is the host and senior editor of Marketplace, public radio’s program on business and the economy.
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But the GOP just nominated a man who wants to ban beer because drinking it is a sin.

I hope BusyPoorDad is more honest to his children than his comments suggest. Romney was nominated - yes. He does not want to ban beer. Quit lying BusyPoorDad...moron.



"Nothing but fizzy yellow watery stuff. Where are the craft beers? The good beers? The real beers?"

You need to leave LA once in a while.

Dick Leinenkugel would be happy, he did make an unsuccessful run for US Senate as a republican.

Our craft beers are on the missing third axis, beers independents drink. It would appear that on this chart we are all lumped in as Any Microbrew and placed slightly left of center on the high turnout side...

Really enjoy your show, and the beer graphic is a lot of fun. Obviously some serious thought was given to it. I , however, must take issue with your placement of my beloved Shiner Bock as about as far right as one can be and still drink beer. Perhaps it was placed there because Shiner Bock is only available in Texas, Texas' oldest independent brewery we are told. But more Shiner Bock is sold, and consumed, in Austin than anywhere else, and in case you didn't know, we are a very blue dot, in a very red state.

Shiner Bock only sold in Texas? Say what now? According to the Shiner website (http://www.shiner.com/main.php?page=history), Shiner is distributed to 40 states (mainly the NE, 2 NW states, and Hawaii that are missing out). Considering Shiner Bock is their flagship, its probably distributed to every state they distribute to. I've been drinking Shiner Bock for at least 10 years in NC.

I love that Sierra Nevada drinkers turn out to vote twice as much as Corona, Bud Select, Natty Light and Busch Light drinkers.

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