American Airlines unveils new logo

American Airlines unveils a new company logo and exterior paint scheme on a Boeing 737-800 aircraft on January 17, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.

This final note today, an aviation story that has nothing to do with Boeing 787s or battery fires or anything like that.

American Airlines rolled out its new livery today -- that's a fancy word for the paint scheme they use on planes.

Here's another word: Ugly. To quote one industry observer, the new logo looks like a seagull sticking its head out of a shower curtain.

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Looks like American is trying to imitate the mistake Japan Air Lines made when they switched from their classic stork in the rising sun to the ribbon.

Never been a fan of American Airlines (I fly Southwest), but the times I have remind me of WHY I don't fly American. Frankly, I don't feel the love from American. Much like the previous post says, American Airline employees just don't seem to care much about passengers.

This logo however, is actually quite accurate. It reminds me of a stewardess who pulls the curtain back to check on the passengers. Not to see if they need anything, but to make sure nobody is dead.

The new color scheme on the American Airlines jets -- horrible. I love the silver jets they fly now. Best looking jets in the sky. I do agree that morale at the company is terrible though and management seems to be "missing." I have flown American several times in past couple of months. The flight attendants don't even serve the cabin. They make one pass (on a four hour flight) with some beverages then they settle into the back row of the plane and sleep, dine, use their cell phones (yes!) and basically hide from the passengers. The flight announcements are all automated on American so they don't even do those. I've never seen anything like it. They don't even offer or sell the meals! Not that I would eat that crap anyway, but it's really amazing that they are openly hostile to the betterment of their employer! Crazy! Never seen anything like it.

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