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Record your comments with the Marketplace "Your Economy, Your Voice" audio recorder.

Over the next 10 months as the 2012 election season goes from primaries to a two-candidate race to election day, Marketplace is taking a different approach to how we cover the election. Forget the play-by-play horse race, we want to talk about the economy.

What are the most important economic issues on your mind this election year? How will they influence your vote? How do the candidates stack up when it comes to their approach to confronting these issues?

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To support our reporting, we're reaching out as far as we can to hear from real people on the ground. So we've created the Marketplace "Your Economy, Your Voice" audio recorder widget above. In three simple steps you can record your comments and send them to us right from your desktop using the built-in microphone in your computer.

The widget is powered by a free service called SoundCloud, a web startup with 10 million members that calls itself "the YouTube of audio." To contribute your audio, simply click the "REC" button in your web browser (works best in Firefox or Chrome, not so much in Internet Explorer or Safari). Then start talking into the built-in microphone on your computer (yes, most likely you have a built-in mic)

To submit your final sound, you'll need to sign up for a SoundCloud account. This is a painless step that you can do either with your Facebook login, or by creating a new account with your email address and a password.

Other ways to contribute
Our goal is to hear from as many people around the country as we can find, so if you can't make our widget work there are a few other ways to send us a comment. Type in your answers and send them to us via the Marketplace Public Insight Network. Or give us a call and leave a message on our voice mailbox (number coming soon). And at the very least, post a comment below.

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Matt Berger is the former Digital Director at Marketplace.

Record your comments with the Marketplace "Your Economy, Your Voice" audio recorder.

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First of all I’m really impressed with the way you have put forward your views. You have certainly raised so many questions in my mind. I will definitely write my opinion in the above mentioned reference. Thanks a lot for sharing.

My dream scenario in early 2013:
A Sputnik-like program to monitor if not divert the asteroid Apophis from its 4/13/2036 collision,
Nixon's old 74% top marginal income tax to pay for the $4T wars and the $2T Bush tax cuts,
Treating fossil fuels like hard drugs and reducing their demand as well as cutting off supplies,
A living wage of $10-to-$15/hour to match 1968 levels and re-enable single-income households,
Legalize marijuana, if not all natural drugs, as safer than tobacco and alcohol to get tax revenue,
Single-payer healthcare to raise American numbers above Third World levels,
Free public university education for in-state residents w/ stipends since it pays for itself in 10 yrs.,
Federal takeover of 2011 debt (credit card, healthcare, education) at 50¢/$1 to free the economy,
Overturn Citizens United and give $1/voter/candidate/contest as public finance,
Repeal the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to return broadcast limits to 1 AM/FM/HD/market.

World mining, technology research is wide open, jobs are not available in population high density areas?

Cost of just getting to work is crippling the employed as well as job seekers.
Working from home saves minimum of $5-8000 per year, i.e. gas- $3-3750/ yr, travel time = 2hr/ day, + vehicle cost/ depreciation = min $2000/ yr.
Savings are in paperwork, i.e. invoicing, statements, contracting and logistics.

TRANSPORTATION OF goods to market will ofset offshore production costs savings.

Welcome home AFTA lost jobs, to America.

The young, 18-25 and over 55 ages can and should RULE the USA.


DO NOT delegate authority without responsibility.

hold elected representatives accountable...as in sue them for breach of contract to the voters/ people!

We are going through transition of job utility (use vs value) and

Our economy is subrogated by lack of cash flow due to energy costs flowing out of country.

Cost of living is spiraling upward/ same as inflation, resulting in higher food prices and goods prices.

It is time to cut off ALL FOREIGN AID, close immigration doors, and require foreigner education visas to pay $300,000 each up front.

After clicking share, creating a sound cloud account through facebook, and allowing a connection with the widget; it is not at all obvious if the process was completed or not. Perhaps you folks could add a successful completion notification?

Thanks for your feedback lowtek. That is a useful step we can add to the submission process with a little work. And thanks for taking the time to try this out. Looking forward to hearing your comments.

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