And the winners are...

Two more lucky winners will receive a copy of "Man vs Markets" this week.

The random number generator has spoken!

This week our winners are Billy Collins and Henry Bohleke. They will both receive a signed copy of Man vs Markets -- a perfect read for the beach, the bairns or even for bed. Last week, we sent signed copies to James Koebel and Regina Edmonds.

If you 'd like to get your sticky fingers on a copy of Man vs Markets, all it'll cost you is a suggestion. Find your way to the video page (the easiest way is to click here), and post your idea for a future Whiteboard video in the comments section. Every week we'll pick a couple of suggestions at random and pop the books in the post. We might even use your ideas for future explainers.

For instance, a lot of you wrote in and asked for a video explaining what quantiative easing is supposed to do for the economy. So, this past week we filmed one. Check it out below:




So send us your suggestions. Tune back in for more video video explainers. And good luck... and tally ho!

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