PODCAST: Economic data comes in as Sandy recedes

Work crews from Verizon pump water from an access tunnel in Lower Manhattan.

The clean up is underway in the eastern U.S. Transportation is sputtering back to life -- even some subway lines in New York are back today. Finding an open gas station is reportedly a problem -- depleted fuel supplies and lack of power are the culprits there. The latest number is 4.6 million people still without electricity.

With Wall Street back open, corporate earnings have resumed with gusto. As far as government data, initial claims for unemployment insurance dropped last week, and productivity increased only modestly -- some folks see that as a good omen for hiring.

Tomorrow we will bring you kind of the granddaddy of economic data releases -- at least in there particular economic times. The Labor Department puts out its monthly employment report out and a new unemployment rate. It's the last update before the election, and it'll undoubtedly shape the way some undecided voters decide to lean on election day.

A Greek magazine editor goes on trial today after being accused of breaking privacy laws when he published a list of prominent Greeks who allegedly evaded their taxes.

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Jeff Horwich is the interim host of Marketplace Morning Report and a sometime-Marketplace reporter.


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