Los Angeles Times begins charging for online content

The 'Los Angeles Times' newspaper building in downtown Los Angeles. The paper introduces an online paywall today for some of its content.

Bob Moon: Remember when you used to pay the paperboy? Well, today, the Los Angeles Times is joining a growing trend to make you pay for online access, following in the footsteps of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. It will start charging for certain content it's placing behind what's known as a pay wall.

But can it really deliver the dollars the financially strapped paper needs? Here's Marketplace's Jeff Tyler.

Jeff Tyler: The New York Times is the online model others want to imitate. It locked some online content behind a pay wall, and still attracted almost 400,000 paid subscribers.

Sarah Barry James is with SNL Kagan, a research firm focusing on media. She says the New York Times pay wall won’t be its salvation.

Sarah Barry James: It’s by no means a silver bullet for the company. The revenues that they are earning from their digital pay wall are not making up for the print revenues that they are losing.

Nonetheless, even smaller papers are doing it. The publisher Gannett recently said it would introduce pay walls at 82 of its regional papers.

Ken Doctor is a media analyst for Outsell. He says regional papers haven’t seen inspiring results from pay walls.

Ken Doctor: They’re not seeing a lot of new sign-ups in terms of new customers.

Online readers of the L.A. Times won’t be locked out completely. Each month, readers can access 15 articles on the website for free.

I’m Jeff Tyler, for Marketplace.

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Jeff Tyler is a reporter for Marketplace’s Los Angeles bureau, where he reports on issues related to immigration and Latin America.
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LOL... So the Los Angeles times hopes to charge for their content. This may shock them, but this won't work. There's absolutely NOTHING special about the content provided by the Los Angeles Times. Their writers suck. They have a few idiots who believe they are controversial or sophisticated or both ... FYI, this could possibly be code for asshole... Oh... That's right! They have assholes for writers! Yes it's true! They suck... ROYALLY... and this pathetic attempt of monetizing the internet will fail... They'll cry that newspapers can't compete... HELL... they might even throw shit out there that they are needed and beg the government for money... even though they have no idea how to run their own damned business... But the reality is, they are too stupid and lazy to change when the rest of the world is moving forward... they want their paychecks... and they want to jerk off at home to porn they are too cheap to pay for... Quite a contradiction we've got going there huh? ;)


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