The Numbers

As we say: The Stock Market is NOT the economy.

We’ve got this thing our hosts say on the show every day: “Let’s do the numbers.” We give you the good, the bad and the ugly of the stock market.

But we also say another thing: “The stock market IS NOT the economy.”

Because what the Dow did today, or the stock price of Amazon, or the price of gold?… most of us don’t feel that in our own personal economies. But other numbers? Say: the unemployment rate, wage growth, how much it costs to put dinner on the table? Um, yeah. Those numbers, we all feel every day.

And they’re all connected. So welcome to this new work-in-progress section of where we’ll try to bring you “the numbers” you know and love, but also add that deeper Marketplace context that makes it all make sense.

Please let us know how we can make this new project more useful to you by emailing us at

Kai's Numbers from Marketplace
  1. Stock market closing numbers for Sept. 21, 2020
  2. Stock market closing numbers for Sept. 18, 2020
  3. Stock market closing numbers for Sept. 17, 2020

U.S. Market Snapshot

A brief snapshot of the U.S. Markets.
Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI)
-1.84 %
Updated: 09/21/20, 5:00PM EDT
Prev Close: 27,657.42
Volume: 523.662M
S&P 500 Index (^GSPC)
-1.16 %
Updated: 09/21/20, 5:00PM EDT
Prev Close: 3,319.47
Volume: 2,973.367M
NASDAQ Composite (^IXIC)
-0.13 %
Updated: 09/21/20, 5:15PM EDT
Prev Close: 10,793.30
Volume: 3,499.370M
10 Year Treasury Note (^TNX)
Updated: 09/21/20, 2:59PM EDT
Prev Close: 0.671
Crude Oil (CL=F)
-0.23 %
Updated: 1:18AM EDT
Prev Close: 39.31
Gold (GC=F)
+ 6.60
+ 0.35 %
Updated: 1:20AM EDT
Prev Close: 1,910.60
Volatility Index (^VIX)
+ 1.95
+ 7.55 %
Updated: 09/21/20, 4:14PM EDT
Prev Close: 25.83

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