YouTube announces plans for paid, ad-free subscription service.

Would you pay for YouTube?

Oct 21, 2015
It's not cat videos the video giant wants to sell you.
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John Green speaks during a Q&A back in July in Dallas, Texas.

John Green doesn't call himself a writer

Oct 19, 2015
But he's still a best-selling author. And he's keeping his YouTube day job.
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How to build a sandwich from the ground up

Sep 30, 2015
It took Andy George $1,500 and 6 months to craft his meal.
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Actress Felicia Day takes a selfie.

Felicia Day and the guild of geek

Aug 21, 2015
A million hats weren't enough for her, so the producer-performer wrote a memoir.
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 (L-R) YouTube stars Freddie Wong, Megan Nicole and Ricky Dillon attend the Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood Social Club - YouTube Panel in Los Angeles, California.

The changing platform for YouTube stardom

Jul 23, 2015
Content creators have a whole new world in front of them.
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Dwayne Johnson attends the Europe premiere of Paramount Pictures' 'Hercules' in Berlin, Germany.

Celebrities are mastering the art of the group selfie

Jul 23, 2015
They are nothing but efficient.
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How streaming is changing the music industry

Jun 10, 2015
For musicians, getting heard is the easy part; getting paid is much harder.
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Tech IRL: Online Communities

Jun 5, 2015
Can producing videos for niche audiences make money?
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On YouTube, it's always late night

May 12, 2015
...But some shows have made the transition better than others.
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Knock it off! A step-by-step guide to make a bag

Apr 21, 2015
Saddleback Leather addresses copycats in a step-by-step YouTube video
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