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Bye-bye Braille

Oct 13, 2011
Tablets. Wave of the future. Heck, wave of NOW, right? Well, what if you're blind? How's that flat, keyboard-less screen going to help you?...
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RC Koopa Shells made by 3D printer will make everything better

Aug 8, 2011
Yes, the economy is collapsing and soon we'll have to eat dirt and live in houses made of whatever dirt we haven't eaten yet, BUT some dude made...
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All problems to be solved thanks to solar windows!

Jun 27, 2011
You guys you guys you guys. A company called Pythagoras Solar in San Mateo, California has developed a type of window pane that is laced with solar...
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Jeff Bezos builds a huge clock inside a mountain

Jun 17, 2011
Why? Because he's a billionaire and wanted to. It's charming when he does it and it makes news. If you or I tried to build a clock in a mountain,...
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Jun 15, 2011
Badgers, like internet data, exist in a series of tubes. But getting in those underground tubes is tricky. For one thing, they're underground. For...
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You guys you guys you guys: living lasers!

Jun 13, 2011
Scientists have created a laser that is alive (and now God will be too scared of our powers to ever smite us for our insolence!). They isolated a...
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You guys you guys you guys: Jetpack news!

May 31, 2011
So a new jetpack designed by New Zealanders has started doing some test runs. It tackles a central problem that every jetpack builder has faced:...
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3D printers to print airplane parts!

May 9, 2011
Next time you're in an airplane, think about what the airplane is made out of. Because someday, that airplane is going to be made of parts from a...
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May 3, 2011
Why do we have technology? Because robot pirates is why. Recon Robotics, in collaboration with the US Navy, has developed a robot that can be shot...
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Lasers to replace sparkplugs

Apr 21, 2011
You guys!...
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