A new CEO still may not save Yahoo

Jul 11, 2012
It's widely expected that interim CEO Ross Levinsohn will get the permanent title at today's shareholders meeting at Yahoo. But will anything change for the struggling company?
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With another new CEO, what's the future of Yahoo?

May 14, 2012
For the third time in three years, the CEO of Yahoo is stepping down -- Scott Thompson resigned this weekend. What this means for the future of one of the most visited sites on the web.
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How 'activist' investors enact change

May 14, 2012
The CEO of Yahoo, Scott Thompson, has abruptly resigned. This development is the work of what many call an 'activist' investor. So, just what is activist investing?
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Yahoo CEO ousted over false biography

May 14, 2012
The ouster of Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson shows how activist investors sleuth about executives themselves, not just their corporate leadership.
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Yahoo CEO's resume controversy

May 7, 2012
A hedge fund that owns 6 percent of Yahoo is threatening trouble over the Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson's resume.
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What is to become of Yahoo?

Apr 9, 2012
For a lot of us who first got online in the 1990s, Yahoo! was a pretty special place. But that was a while ago and Yahoo! has since gone through numerous periods of tumult. What's next for the company? Plus, social network fans shop differently.
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Yahoo to chop 2,000 more jobs

Apr 4, 2012
Shares of Yahoo are down this morning. The Internet giant is handing out 2,000 pink slips today. It's the sixth mass layoff for the tech company in just the past four years.
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Yahoo's got an identity crisis

Apr 4, 2012
The 2,000 jobs Yahoo is shedding don't fit with the plans its CEO has for turning around the company.
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Showdown over the future of Yahoo!

Mar 19, 2012
A hedge fund investor with a 6 percent stake in Yahoo! is demanding to take over a block of seats on the Internet giant's board of directors.
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Yahoo suing Facebook over patent infringements

Mar 13, 2012
Yahoo is suing Facebook for violating patents that Yahoo owns. The patents in question aren't for obscure parts of Facebook's business.
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